Published Articles and Interviews

Dr. Grossman is an internationally recognized figure in the field of homeopathy. Below are some of the scholarly papers, interviews and published articles she has written.

  • Writing to share the benefits of natural health

    Lauri is proud to become a contributing writer for the site an integrative medicine site.  We'll be sure to follow her progress on this excellent …
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  • Best tips to reduce and eliminate allergy symptoms

    For many, spring brings joy via outdoor activities amid blossoming flowers and blooming trees, as they visit parks, hike through meadows and jog along roads in the warming …
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  • Dr. Grossman shares her knowledge with Boiron

    Many of us suffer from daily aches and pains that make it uncomfortable to move, sit or stand. Learn how to treat these conditions naturally by reading Dr. Lauri Grossman& …
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  • Natural Ways to Spell Relief

    Headaches can happen at any time. They can interfere with work, school, family time or the simple enjoyment of a sunny day, but anyone tired of this vexing health problem is …
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  • What are they and how to treat

    What is a bruise? You get kicked on the soccer field, drop something heavy on your toe, or bang your head on a low entryway. It might seem like nothing at the time, but all …
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  • Risks and benefits

    Kavitha K. Reddy, MD, Lauri Grossman, DC, CCH, RSHom (NA), Gary S. Rogers, MD Accepted 26 June 2011. published online 05 September 2011.  Background Ambulatory …
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  • Top Cold and Flu Fighters for Children

    With the onset of school, parents are stocking up on essentials, including at-home remedies to help keep kids healthy this winter. Natural Awakenings has compiled several …
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JAHC 2019!

I'm excited to attend the upcoming Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC) in Baltimore! Join me and the greater American homeopathic community at this must-attend event for our industry. For more info:

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