Homeopathy for Yourself

Most of us know what to expect from Western medicine. Treatments have very specific effects: they aim to reduce a cough or a cramp or alleviate a pain or a pressure

But what can we expect from homeopathy?

No matter what the chief complaint, a homeopath will ask questions about every system of the body. In addition to physical functioning, he or she will want to know about emotional issues and mental clarity. He'll ask about digestion, sleep, energy level and ability to focus and to retain information.   This is because homeopathic medicines have such broad reaching effects. When selected by a well-trained practitioner,  they enhance the functioning of all systems of the body so improvement is seen and felt physically, emotionally, and mentally.

A cough may go away, but so will sleeplessness and anxiety

A cramp may ease, but digestion will improve and so will energy

A patient who comes in with a specific complaint such as chronic headaches or allergies, is typically delighted when other concerns like depression or difficulty falling asleep disappear as well. Whats more, family members and friends typically notice the changes too.