Your first appointment

The initial consultation is mostly a discussion.  You will have the opportunity to tell Dr Grossman about all of your current and past health concerns, your family history, and any other details that will help her to understand your condition fully. She will be sure to ask what makes your condition feel better and what worsens your complaints. She will also want to learn about more general things like the time of day you have the most energy and the places where you feel at your best.  All of these little details help her to choose the one homeopathic medicine ( of the 4,000 that are available ) that will offer you the greatest cure.

She does not make any diagnoses in her office.  If a medical diagnosis is necessary for the case, she will refer you to a physician or other healthcare provider.  If you have already consulted a medical doctor or other health care professional and have records or test results regarding any of your health concerns, please bring them with you.  Sometimes these can be very helpful! 

Although trained in a wide variety of natural and holistic therapies, Dr. Lauri Grossman specializes in homeopathy.   During the initial visit, she typically spends one and a half to two hours with patients so she can learn all the details of the chief complaint as well as any other physical, emotional, or mental issues that may contribute to ill health.  

After the visit, she usually spends several more hours analyzing the information so that she can select the homeopathic medicine that will yield the best results for the case.  She then orders the required medicine from a licensed homeopathic pharmacy, which formulates the medicine and sends it directly to the patient’s home.  Patients whose progress is best monitored via lab tests, CT scan, MRI or X-ray exam will be referred out for such. If patients need the name of a physician or another health care provider who can help to improve the outcome of the case, this will be given as well.