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Looking for Studies on Children's Health Concerns?

Yes, they are available and very compelling!

Seasonal Allergies?

Research Says Homeopathy Can Help!

Poison Ivy Woes?

Itch no more!


Ease your symptoms with homeopathy!

Yes, there's quite a bit on the topic!Women's Health Concerns?

  • Homeopathy and conventional medicine in the management of pregnancy and childbirth "Studies on homeopathic interventions in obstetrics report positive influence of homeopathic remedies on uterine contractility and the evolution of childbirth. The only study comparing homeopathic and conventional therapy in women with increased risk for contraction abnormalities found few differences between the treatments, except fewer hemorrhages and decreased abnormal contractions in patients treated with homeopathic remedies."
  • Homeopathy service in an NHS hospital breast cancer clinic: outcome study "The majority suffer from menopause-type symptoms arising from breast cancer treatment. Such symptoms can be bad enough to affect long-term compliance with drug regimes. Patients receive a course of treatment from a qualified homeopath, consisting of a series of patient-centred consultations plus individualised homeopathic medicines... These results indicate that homeopathy can offer a valuable addition to mainstream conventional therapy for breast cancer patients, possibly helping to improve compliance and therefore long-term survival."

Homeopathy after Surgery?

Yup, that's certainly been well researched!

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