Homeopaths Without Borders - Haiti

Emergency relief and ongoing healthcare in a devastated country

Throughout 2010, Dr Lauri Grossman traveled to Haiti with Homeopaths Without Borders- North America.  Together with teams of physicians, nurses, and other allied healthcare workers she helped to provide emergency relief and ongoing healthcare to those devastated by the catastrophic earthquake that killed 316,000 people, injured 300,000 others and that left 1,000,000 homeless. 

Initially, the HWB teams used homeopathic medicines to treat physical trauma, burns, grief and anxiety. As the months passed, they provided care for complaints related to poor sanitation and lack of clean water such as abscesses, infected wounds, cystitis and dehydration.  Local physicians and nurses, impressed by the swift improvement that they witnessed and the ease with which homeopathic medicines were administered, welcomed the homeopaths with enthusiasm. 

 Low in cost and with no unwanted side effects, homeopathy became an ideal treatment to integrate into the medical system of the island nation.  Eventually HWB offered a training program to the nursing students at the University of Notre Dame in Port-au-Prince.  Here, Dr Grossman is teaching a class on First Aid and homeopathic treatments for bruising and blunt trauma, wounds, and spinal injury.  

Dr Grossman continues to support the efforts of Homeopaths Without Borders.   For more information about HWB and their ongoing work in Haiti visit http://homeopathswithoutborders-na.org/